Solar Panels and Solar Pumps

Solar Borehole Pumps and Swimming Pool Pumps Solar Panels High Quality

Bundu Power offers alternative power solutions for the environment conscious, sustainable energy projects and off grid installations. We offer a wide range of Solar Panels, Solar Borehole Pumps, Solar Swimming Pool Pumps, Inverters, Chargers and Batteries. Through the use of solar energy you are able to run all the essentials in your household without having to rely on any external electricity source.

Using battery banks and solar panles, energy is stored and used when needed. These systems allow you to have multiple inputs to ensure that the battery bank is always kept charged. Off grid installations have the option of Wind, Solar and generator, whilst on grid installations will have the option of Wind, Solar and your current electricity supplier. Once the batteries go below a pre-determined level of charge the controller will initiate the 3rd power source to ensure that irrespective of the status of the renewable energy sources you will never run out of electricity.

Solar Panels

Our Solar Panels are polycrystalline offering the best value for money solar panel. Whilst the peak efficiency of a monocrystalline solar panel is higher than that of the polycrystalline in most cases (Manufacturer specific) the improved efficiency does not offset the additional cost. So unless you have very specific requirements or very limited space, polycrstalline solar panels will be your best bet.

Solar Pumps

Our solar pumps are great for locations where there is no electricity. Coupled with a few solar panels you can start pumping water from your borehole in no time. In addition to the borehole pump we offer a solar swimming pool pump designed to function the same way as your existing pool pump but cutting your electricity bill significantly.

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