Welcome to Hybrid Power, Renewable energy experts

Bundu Power now offers alternative power solutions for the environment conscious, sustainable energy projects and off grid installations. After extensive market research, Bundu Power is proud to offer a comprehensive range of hybrid energy solutions. Through the use of wind and solar energy you are able to run all the essentials in your household without having to rely on any external electricity source.

Through the use of battery banks, energy is stored and is then used when needed. The Bundu Power Hybrid energy systems allow you to have multiple inputs to ensure that the battery bank is always kept charged. Off grid installations have the option of Wind, Solar and generator, whilst on grid installations will have the option of Wind, Solar and your current electricity supplier. Once the batteries go below a pre-determined level of charge the controller will initiate the 3rd power source to ensure that irrespective of the status of the renewable energy sources you will never run out of electricity.